Short Stories for High School Students

There are many different types of short stories. They include short stories, flash fictions, essay collections, memoirs, and more. The best short stories are ones that will keep you thinking. Good stories will also provide you with a lot of information about the world around you.

Some of the best short stories are the ones that will keep you thinking about life in different ways. If you are going to choose a few short stories to read, make sure that they are interesting to you. If you read something that you find boring, you won’t be able to enjoy the story.

There are many different kinds of short stories. Here are just a few examples:

The Fly by Katherine Mansfield

The Fly by Katherine Mansfield is a story about a young girl named Ellen, who is dying of consumption. Ellen has spent the last four years recovering from a long illness. She doesn’t want to die, but she’s not in much pain. However, her condition gets worse after her doctor tells her that she is going to have a baby. Ellen wants to know why God would allow her to suffer so much pain.

She has been sick since she was a child, and she had hoped that this would be the last time she would suffer.


Woodfield is about to meet his first man who has died. The other men in the office, who have no children, are happy that he has come to share news of his daughter’s visit with them. He finds himself at a loss for words as he tries to express his loss. He starts to worry that he will make a fool out of himself.

He tries to tell the men that his son is dead, but he can’t get his words out. Woodfield says that he wants to leave soon. He finds it hard to talk and doesn’t know how long he will be there. He thinks of his son and is glad he came to share his news.

Why Students Should Read It

The story of this story is about the loss of a child. The main character, David, experiences this loss after the death of his wife. This loss has affected his life. The loss of his wife is described in a few ways, such as David being alone, being a “lonely man” who is “alone and lost.” The reader feels for David, as he has experienced a loss like no other. The loss of his child is the biggest blow he has ever experienced.

This is what causes him to lose control. He has to stop, he cannot carry on. The character seems to be caught in a nightmare.

Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin

I think that Kate Chopin is one of the most interesting authors out there today. She has written some very interesting and moving short stories. Some of them are very short (about 150-200 words), while others are longer (like Desiree’s Baby). There are two main types of stories she writes.

One of them is about characters with a troubled past. They struggle with their past and try to make the most out of life, despite their troubles. The second type is about characters with no real problems in life. These characters don’t have any struggles at all. They just live their life without any problems. They might seem to be happy, but actually, they are not. They have inner turmoil.


Desiree’s Baby is a collection of short stories about a young girl named Desiree and her struggle with society’s expectations as a mixed race woman. She marries Armand, who is a white man, but finds herself dissatisfied with their relationship. Desiree’s mother, Madame Valmonde, is upset that Desiree has been adopted, and demands that she be returned to her biological mother.

The narrator explains that she doesn’t know if Madame Valmonde is actually her mother, but that Desiree considers her to be so. Madame Valmonde is an older woman who tells her that she looks just like her mother, and that her mother loves her very much.

Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin is a short story about a woman who gets lost in a small town and meets a man she later falls in love with. Her mother is angry at her for going away without telling anyone. Armand is a man who is rich and successful. He is also a man of class and he doesn’t approve of Desiree’s living in a town and not keeping to herself.

Armand is upset when he discovers that Desiree is pregnant and thinks she is too young to be a mother. She has decided to leave. Armand tries to convince Desiree to return home, but she refuses to listen to him. Armand tells her to go back to her family.

Why Students Should Read It

When people talk about prejudice, they mostly think of it in terms of class or gender. This is not the only way to define it, though. Another way is to look at how people treat other people. A person can be prejudiced against someone based on the color of their skin, their religion, or their sexual orientation. Prejudice is a belief that one race or group of people is superior to another.

It is usually based on ignorance and stereotypes. We all have prejudices. Sometimes, people treat each other badly just because they are different from them. That is prejudice. Prejudices are also bad. We shouldn’t judge others for the color of their skin or their religion or the way they dress.

Araby by James Joyce

James Joyce was one of the most influential writers of the early 20th century. It’s called Dubliners, and contains a collection of short stories.


One day when I was in my final year at university, I saw my neighbour’s sister, whom I had known since kindergarten. She had moved away from home after finishing high school. She lived with her mother, father and brother. She spoke to me about her mother and her brother, who were both studying in the same college.

I noticed that my neighbour’s sister was very beautiful, and I wanted to be around her. However, I didn’t know how I would ask her to go out with me. She had just started working and was not dating anyone.

I thought of writing a letter to her, but I did not want to wait for her to reply. So, I decided to write a poem instead.

Why Students Should Read It

Many teens struggle with making sense of their feelings. In this story, the main character has many feelings about a boy he likes, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. He is confused about how to act toward this person.

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The Father by Bjornstjerne Bjornson

The Nobel Prize winner for literature is Bjornstjerne Bjornson. This short fable by Mark Twain (1835 – 1910. is about a man who is trying to teach his son.


I’ve always been fascinated by stories. They can be as simple as a fairy tale or as complex as a novel. My personal favorites are those about people like Thord Overaas. He’s a very wealthy farmer in Norway who offers to give away his whole farm as charity. The priest is overjoyed with his generosity.

In gratitude, he asks for Thord to visit him one last time. Thord does so and ends up having an encounter with Jesus Christ. Jesus tells Thord that he has a long journey ahead. Thord promises to visit his priest every three years until his death. Thord has a son named Thord. Thord grows up to be a wealthy man.

Why Students Should Read It

Reading this story by James Joyce will help you understand your life in a deeper way. It’s easy to get lost in the details of everyday life, but if you spend a little time to look at it through a higher point of view, you can realize that everything is connected to something else. We all are connected to something bigger than us.

That’s the beauty of being human beings. The author shows this in his writing with the way he connects the various events to the characters in the story. You’ll get a glimpse of the human condition in this book. It’s a great book to read if you are looking for a perspective shift. You may find yourself thinking about the way you live your life differently after reading this book.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Jackson was born in 1915 and published her first story at age 11. Her literary debut was a short story called “The Lottery”. The story tells the story of the Lottery. It was published in 1948. The main character of the story is Alice, who believes that there is a secret lottery that determines whether people live or die.

Alice is convinced that she will lose the lottery, which is why she is upset. This story is written in the form of letters written to a friend by Alice. At the beginning of the story, she explains to her friend that she has heard that a lottery is going to be held soon.


The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is a collection of stories that include “The Lottery,” “The Summer People,” “Children Of The Fog,” and “The Lottery Ball.” The stories are short, but they are very intense. You may be interested in reading them because they are scary.

A good book to read is “Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery,” published in 1948. The story was written as a short story in 1943 and later became the title of a short novel by Jackson. In “The Lottery” she talks about a town that is so quiet and peaceful that everyone has been stoned to death.

Why Students Should Read It

Most teenagers have experienced the pressure to succeed at school and at home. If you are a teenager, you will need to find your identity. You must figure out what your goals are. You also need to know what you want out of life. You need to have goals to keep you going forward. In order to get to your goals, you will need to make plans.

You should use the strategies discussed in this article to get to your goals. These strategies can help you to become successful. To get to your goals, you should write them down. This will help you to get organized and stay motivated. Once you have decided on your goals, you should put them in writing.

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

A heart is a vital organ of our bodies. It contains blood vessels that bring oxygen to the rest of the body and remove carbon dioxide. Blood flows through the heart like a river through a valley. The heart is a pump, with chambers that are divided by valves. These valves prevent blood from flowing backward through the heart.

The right side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs, while the left side pumps it to the rest of the body. The right side is a little larger than the left.


This is a story about a man who kills another person and buries the body. He thinks that someone has stolen his heart, so he goes into a deep state of depression. When the police show up to investigate the sound of the heart, the man is so paranoid that he invites them in.

The narrator tells the story to the audience, and then the man shows them his heart. The narrator explains that the man’s heart was removed during the autopsy. This shows the narrator’s mind’s influence on reality. The police leave the room, and the narrator takes off his clothes. He hides the man’s heart in his pocket.

Why Students Should Read It

This story has been around for over two hundred years and it is a classic. It has been passed down to us through the generations. We learn from this story that people can make others believe what they want them to believe.

A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is a 2007 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation recipient best known for his science fiction stories. His work A Sound of Thunder examines how altering the past in time travel can affect the future.


I had read this story in my school book. I was fascinated by it. This is a great short story by Poe. It is about the Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. The short story starts when the protagonist, Eckels, is on a hunt. He wants to go back in time and kill a T. Rex.

A famous hunter, Eckels will be allowed to go back in time if he kills a T. Rex. As he walks on the path, he sees a T. Rex standing on the path. Eckels can’t go any further and he falls. Eckels accidentally kills a butterfly and this changes the time he now lives in.

Why Students Should Read It

We all have a love for the arts. However, not everyone is lucky enough to learn about them. There are some people who know a little about them and others who know nothing about them. But, these people can all benefit from learning about the arts. Learning about the arts can be very beneficial.

Some people think that it doesn’t mean anything, but it does. Reading stories like the one in The Gift of the Magi can help people to appreciate the arts. It can help you to understand the stories better. Reading stories like this one can teach you about human nature and give you some insight into the world.

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

The Gift of the Magi is a short story about a man who tries to explain the difference between wisdom and foolishness to a man who doesn’t believe he can have both.


The story is a wonderful example of love and friendship.

People are not always good to one another. Sometimes they don’t care about other people, they just want to be left alone. In the story, the couple was able to appreciate the other person’s character. The gift the woman received made her feel very happy. The husband got a gift that he loved. This is an interesting story. You should try reading it again and share it with your friends.

It is important to teach students how to read and write in a way that is clear and understandable to them. For example, there are many children who struggle to understand words like “citizen” and “government.

Why Students Should Read It

One of the most popular stories written by O. Henry is The Gift of the Magi. This story talks about the value of love over money. It was written during the time that many people thought that romance was a waste of time. O. Henry’s purpose in writing this story is to show that love and romance were worth pursuing. He was trying to prove that love is a precious gift to be cherished, and he did just that.

Body Ritual Among the Nacirema by Horace Miner

A short story can tell a lot of interesting things about a culture. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema is a short story written by a man named Horace Miner. It was published in a paper titled Education in Anthropology. In this story, Horace Miner tells the story of his experience with a tribe of Nacirema people. He lived with the tribe for a long time and he shares what he knows about their culture.


The author of this article talks about some of the customs and traditions among the Nacirema tribe. He tells the readers that they need to try to understand the way these people think. He asks the readers to try and understand why these people believe in some of the things they believe in. They say that they can’t change what they are used to. They can only try to explain their beliefs to someone else.

He tells the readers that it can be very easy to judge another culture when you do not know the customs of that culture. Nacirema is American spelled backwards, thus he shows how easy it is to judge a people who think differently from ourselves.

Why Students Should Read It

As you get older, you’ll experience the usual ups and downs of teen years. Many teenagers experience difficulty reconciling the ideals they see in media with what they observe in the real world.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Carol

Ender’s Game is a very short novel, with a very small number of pages. The novel is just under 20,000 words long. There are actually two main parts to the book. The first part is about Ender Wiggin, an intelligent young boy, who lives in Battle School, a school where boys spend their entire life preparing for military combat.


The main theme of this book is the idea of how we are judged in society. It is about the concept of individual needs versus the greater good. The author explores this idea with the help of several different characters. He uses the example of children who are selected to fight and destroy another planet, so they could have a better life.

They learn how to become like machines and destroy the enemy, which is a bad thing to do. One of the characters, called the Teacher, says that you must be selfish if you want to have a better life. He tells Ender that he must always act in his own self interest and he must never think of the greater good.

Why Students Should Read It

The pop culture tie-in makes this story relatable to teens, making it appealing to kids and parents alike.

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Short stories are ideal for reluctant readers, as they’re easy to read and don’t take much time to get through. This one is worth reading, too!

You may also have more of a chance of exposing high school students to classics and well-known authors through writing, as well as sparking discussion on deep and meaningful topics.

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