Scholarship Programs for Catholic High School

The cost of a Catholic high school can be prohibitive for many families, especially if it ranges into the thousands per year. Find out how to find scholarships, financial aid, and grants for high school students.

Regional Programs Available for Catholic High School Students

Most states offer regional programs. Check out some of the regional scholarships available to Catholic high school students.

Catholic Education Foundation of Los Angeles

Children from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are eligible for tuition scholarships through this foundation. The University offers tuition assistance to students from low-income families who meet the financial guidelines. The school will process your application.

The Shepherd Foundation

Washington DC-based Shepherd Foundation provides tuition assistance to Catholic high schools. In order to apply for the scholarship, you must submit an application through your school, which is open to 219 schools in DC and specific Maryland counties. Eligible students are those who meet financial need.

Big Shoulders Fund

The Big Shoulders Fund offers scholarships to students at several schools. The application must be filled out by the principal of the school you wish to attend within the Chicago/Illinois area. Funds will be provided if you meet financial need requirements in addition to attending the school.

Partners in Excellence

The Partners in Excellence scholarship program is available to Baltimore area residents. Your financial need and location requirements must be met to qualify for a scholarship in your area. You should apply to the specific school in your area.

Catholic Schools Foundation

Through the Catholic Schools Foundation, Boston area Catholic high school students can apply for partial or full scholarships to 27 Catholic schools. A scholarship decision is made by the school after an application has been submitted. In order to qualify, you must apply to one of the 27 schools and meet the financial requirements.

Finding Local Resources

If you look around, you can find local scholarship and financial aid opportunities. Listed below are a few ways to find scholarships in your area.

Ask Administrators

Families who practice Catholicism are often offered discounts by schools. Financial aid may also be available to families who submit a written request.

Talk to Your Local Church

There may be scholarships available if your church is located in the same county as the high school. Before applying, you can get a list of these scholarships from the local leader.

Contact Alumni Organizations

Find out if the Catholic high school offers a fund-raising program with former students who apply for scholarships. So more opportunities are available, schools should start programs like these.

Search for Statewide Resources

Most states offer scholarships to residents who wish to attend a private high school. Before applying, you should find out what the requirements are.

National Resources for Catholic High School Scholarships

Scholarship and grant programs are often sought by families. You might want to check out the following schools for both Catholics and privates:

The Catholic High School Scholarship Grants Program

Scholarships are awarded to high school students who would otherwise not be able to afford such an education through the Catholic High School Scholarship Grants Program. Catholic schools that you are considering have applications for these scholarships. There will be varying deadlines depending on the term and school. Parents who apply must have incomes that meet the eligibility requirements.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund

The Children’s Scholarship Fund assists families of all income levels in sending their children to private Catholic schools. The application is available to students at any time, even those who are homeschooled. Family incomes must be below the maximum limits in order to be eligible for an award. Therefore, partial scholarships are available to people of all income levels.

Succeeding in High School and Beyond

Catholic high schools may be expensive, but the experience can be well worth it for students who want to prepare for college and beyond. Families can reduce the costs of attending school by finding scholarships.

Catholic School Scholarships

It is important to encourage teens to put in a solid effort at public schools or another alternative school if scholarship programs for Catholic high schools are not available. The ability to keep up good grades at any school will help you immensely in the future.

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