Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boyfriend

When it comes to choosing a gift for your teenage boyfriend, whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, his birthday, or ‘just because,’ it’s no easy task. Getting him a gift that doesn’t mean anything is better than being too mushy or romantic. To help you narrow down your choices, consider his interests, moments you have shared together, and your budget.

Gifts to Buy

You may be able to find the perfect gift at the mall or online if you know what your guy likes. Set a budget before you start looking. You don’t have to empty your savings to buy a gift for your boyfriend.

Build It Yourself Games

DIY game kits are perfect for guys who love both engineering and gaming. The Wooden Marble Run costs $40 and requires him to assemble laser-cut wood into an entertaining machine.

A $50 Build Your Own Pinball game uses rubber band power to operate a small cardboard pinball game. For the guy who enjoys tinkering, these gifts might provide some bonding time while you put them together.

Personalized Phone Accessories

Teenagers are highly dependent on their cellphones. A fun accessory is the perfect gift for your boyfriend if he can’t live without his phone. You can create a custom phone case using a picture of the two of you, something that represents a hobby he enjoys, or your favorite place to hang out. Get him a silly cellphone stand like a dinosaur tail or an astronaut if your budget is tight. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits his personality and interests.

Robotics Fun

Do you have a nerdy guy in your life? With a robotics kit, you can show him how much you appreciate his hobbies. From the $180 EZrobot Robot Developer Kit to a Robotic Arm (around $45), robotic kits range in price. Stores like the Maker Shed and Robot Shop offer gift certificates you can get for any amount so your guy can purchase toys he’ll love.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes offer almost any product today. You get these monthly packages that include everything from shaving supplies to snacks. You can choose between one-time, three-month, six-month, or year-round monthly subscriptions. Make sure the company you choose provides something your guy is interested in. For under $20 per month, Lootcrate offers fandom gear, while Say It With a Sock offers fun socks for around $10 per month.


Tickets for an upcoming game or match are a great gift idea if your guy is a sports enthusiast. Make opening the gift more exciting by packing the tickets inside a foam finger. To see what’s happening in your area, check out websites like StubHub. If you can’t afford game tickets, there are plenty of other awesome sports-related gifts you can get. Get him a jersey from his favorite team, new sports equipment like an exclusive edition basketball, or a collector’s item. The online retailer Fanatics offers apparel, accessories, and memorabilia for nearly every major sports team or organization, including basketball and football.


Get your boyfriend tickets to a show featuring his favorite band. You don’t have to attend a music event either. A gift certificate to a local amusement park is also a fun idea. In the winter, try skiing, tubing, or any other activity you could do together that he would really enjoy.


You can give him movie tickets for a little less than concert or game tickets. Buy general movie tickets so he can choose the movie he wants to see or get tickets for the movie he already wants to see. Tickets can be ordered directly from the movie theater or from a website such as Fandango. To make it more fun, package tickets in a movie-themed gift basket with popcorn and candy.

If you don’t have a theater nearby, you can also get him a DVD or download a movie you saw together or the latest season of his favorite TV show. You should look for a DVD or Blu-ray with lots of extras, such as gag reels or behind-the-scenes details.


A fun speaker they can plug into their phone or MP3 player would also be great for guys who listen to music a lot. Look for one with a unique style like this just kidding emoji wireless speaker or one with fun features like vibrations and lights. You might even consider getting him a new instrument if he enjoys playing music. Add a CD or T-shirt from his favorite band to the package.

Video Games

A video game may be the best gift you could ever buy for your boyfriend if you have to pry his fingers away from his controller. Get him the latest edition of his favorite game or a gift card to his favorite game store, like GameStop, so he can choose his own. A new controller with a fun color or limited design would also be great. Be sure to know which console(s) he has, so you can ensure the gift he receives will be useful. Consider getting him a mini retro arcade game set if you aren’t sure about his console or game preferences. He may also enjoy a subscription to a video game rental service like GameFly.


You can get him a funny T-shirt or a shirt featuring his favorite movie character, even if he is pretty laid back and doesn’t care too much about the clothes he wears, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a special piece of clothing as a gift. Consider his style and brand loyalty, and select something that fits him, but also stands out, like a limited edition hoodie.


You might be surprised to learn that your boyfriend cares a lot about how he smells around you. Get him a bottle of his favorite cologne or the scent you want him to wear. Make sure you choose a fragrance you’ll love by going to the store and testing it out. Giorgio Armani’s Aqua di Gio is one of the most popular fragrances for young men because it’s not too strong and heavy. Look for a gift set in his favorite scent that might include things like body spray and body wash.

Gift Cards

If you still can’t think of something to give your man, get him a gift card to his favorite store. Whenever he picks out an item at the store, he will think of the sweet gift card you gave him. He will appreciate the fact that you didn’t give him something he would hate. Create a personalized gift card with MasterCard by uploading a photo and adding any amount of money. With the MyVanilla Prepaid Card, your guy can withdraw cash from an ATM and add money to his account so he can use it like a bank account. Wrap gift cards creatively to make them more exciting. To make him hunt for the card, you could put it in an extra large box or a series of nesting boxes.

Snack Basket

Eating is a passion for teenage boys. Make your boyfriend a stockpile of his favorite snacks as a gift so he can grab them whenever he wants. You could also give him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant or take him out for dinner. Consider what he likes to eat and look for unique options. Maybe you could get him a basket full of every kind of Cheeto available, if he loves Cheetos.


You don’t have to be a girl to wear jewelry. If you want your boyfriend to remember you, you can give him a special piece of jewelry. Embroider some dog tags with a special message or attach a charm to a chain. For guys, rope bracelets, chains, leather jewelry like engraved cuffs, shell necklaces, and titanium necklaces are also popular jewelry options. Make it extra special by engraving it with something he’ll actually wear.

Gifts to Make

A homemade gift may be the best option when you’re on a tight budget. In addition to being cheap, homemade gifts are also filled with love.

Custom Canvas

Your custom wall-hanging will remind him of your love every time he walks into his room. You can spell words with painter’s tape on a canvas, then paint over the tape and remove it.

Letters will stay the same color as canvas, and the rest of the picture will be painted in whatever color you choose. Use a fun word (or words) to describe your relationship, such as a pet name or a celebrity couple mash-up.

Vintage T-shirt

Take a graphic from an old T-shirt that your guy likes and cut it out. To give your guy that classic look with modern comfort, stitch the patch onto a new T-shirt.

Second hand, or thrift, stores are good places to find vintage shirts. Your thoughtfulness and the fact that he now has an individual style will be appreciated by him.

Toy Keychain

Use classic boy toys or game pieces to make a fun keychain for your guy. You’ll need key-chain hardware such as a key ring and jump rings, or you can repurpose an old key-chain by removing the decoration.

You may choose an army man, wooden car, or other plastic toy as your fun object. Make a hole in the toy for the jump ring. You can then attach the toy to the key ring. Personalize the charm by adding his or your initials.

Candy Creation

Use his favorite wrapped candies to make a fun sculpture for him. Stack candy bars to make a candy sleigh or come up with your own architectural design. Present him with some sweet snacks in a sweet way. Think creatively and keep his preferences in mind.

Poem or Letter

Your poem or letter should be addressed to him. You can make your poem look nice by writing it on nice paper and adding decorations such as glitter, stickers, or even drawing a picture around the words if you are artistic. Poems are creative and fun ways to express your feelings. You can make the finished product even more special by framing it.


Keep a scrapbook of all the memories you’ve shared with your boyfriend so he can recall them fondly. To personalize the photos, take screenshots of your sweet text messages or social media messages and add quotes from his favorite movies or bands. You can add handwritten notes and Instagram filters to pictures to make them more fun. Divide the pages into themes, such as the reasons you like him or the specific things you do together.


Create a playlist of songs for his iPod, MP3 player, or Spotify account. Include songs that are special to the two of you as a couple, as well as songs that remind you of him. When making a custom playlist online, make sure you give it a descriptive title. You could also create a customized CD with photos of you together and hand-drawn images or phrases if you plan to burn the playlist onto a CD.


Make two friendship bracelets using his favorite colors and give him one to tie around his wrist or ankle if you know how to make them. Make a wish when they fall off, and do the same with yours. Make your bracelets stand out by using a unique pattern. Make paracord survival bracelets that resemble friendship bracelets by using thicker cords and darker colors.

Baked Goods

Make your boyfriend a cake, a dozen cookies, or a special dinner to showcase your cooking and baking skills. The effort you put into the gift and the food will be appreciated by him. You can also try making one of his favorite meals or desserts yourself by finding a recipe. You can serve the dinner at an elaborate table setting or pack it up for a picnic. Decorate desserts with phrases you use with each other. You can get to a guy’s heart through his stomach!

Fun and Original Gifts

It can be difficult to find an original gift idea for your boyfriend. You should give your boyfriend a gift that is just as interesting and unique as he is. Check out:

  • The Polaroid Waterproof Camera costs around $50 and is a great buy for anyone who enjoys taking pictures. Waterproof up to 10 feet, this camera is perfect for adventure seekers.
  • The cost of a Break Room Pass is approximately $65 per person. Anybody who enjoys smashing and breaking things in a safe environment can benefit from these passes.
  • Anyone who enjoys making smoothies or milkshakes on the go will love the BlendJet Portable Blender. It can make up to 12 drinks on a single charge and comes in a variety of fun colors.
  • Zoo experiences cost around $100 per person and provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about their favorite animals. You may be able to touch them and watch them in a more intimate setting. Any animal lover will love this gift.
  • The JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker costs around $50 and has a built-in carabiner. The device is waterproof, wireless, and can be played for up to 10 hours. There are a variety of colors available, so you can choose the one your boyfriend prefers.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite costs about $200 and is the perfect gift for a gamer who wants the convenience of portable play. The game allows players to connect wirelessly to create multi-player games or play online with others.
  • A great gift for anyone who enjoys a challenge is the Giiker Xiaomi Mijia Giiker Super Smart Speed Cube. Tracking your progress and playing different games are available in the game.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Don’t worry about the amount of money you spend on your boyfriend’s gift or that you will never find the perfect gift. When you are together, pay attention to his interests and things he points out that he likes, and you will have no trouble finding a gift. The purpose of the gift is not to show him how good of a shopper you are or how much money you have, but to show him that you care for him. The majority of guys are fairly easy to please. Anything you give him is likely to be a hit.

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